West Bend 7 Up
Medium ladies wolf man
  • Bryant "Bones" Bullock
  • #8
  • P
  • Bats:R
  • High School:Milwaukee Marquette
  • Throws:R
  • College:Ripon College
  • Age:31


Player Profile

Bones is a living legend amongst those in the West Bend 7 Up community.  Still unknown how a young impressional white boy from the hood ended up playing West Bend but everyone is happy he does.  He is known for 3 things, his 12 to 6 curve ball, his hot streaks with all types of tricks, and his softball skills.  Everyone one of Bones' ex's have had beefs with Rolls.  He is known for drinking only Bud products and Captain Morgan's.  His love for the MBL costed 7 Up a chance of winning it all in 2012 but nobody is mad because the rule is dumb.  

Did You Know?- Bones once successfully bagged three 10's in a back to back to back nights.  It is those skills with the ladies, that has him the guru on tricks in our dugout, although the vets on the team try to keep him away from the impressional youth on our roster.

Bullock is currently single...in a relationship...no single...ah whatever it changes day to day, and has no kids that are at least public knowledge.