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Current Streak- 7 UP has won 9 in a row and 14 of its last 15-

Next Game after- 7/24/16 vs. Pewaukee Muskies

Next Game after that- 7/29/16 vs. Lannon Stonemen




7/15/16-Milwaukee Beavers 2 @ West Bend 7 UP 3 F/11 INNINGS - Highlights- Parrent put the team on his back, Justman's speed on the base paths, pitching performance, deep bench, Lowlights- Few 0-2 mistakes, injuries, lots of helmet throws and water bottle smashes, humid.  


7/15/16-Sparta 4 @ West Bend 7 UP 8 (CHAMPIONSHIP) - Highlights- Huge trophy, T-Rex oppo bomb, Rohls MVP, Winter Top Pitcher, great fan support all weekend/day, Mantz diving upside down basket catch. Lowlights- Justman saw 4 pitches all game, Justman never smiled (see pic below), cutoffs.   

Quote of the day- "Where's my ball?" Nick Winter walking into the ballpark for the Championship Game

Cramer quote of the day- "My mom thinks I'm a angel, she doesn't know any better." Brett Cramer, no context available.

Final quote- "My swing felt brutal all day." Koth talking to a reporter after the win. 

7/17/16- Sheboygan 6 @ West Bend 7 UP 7 (SEMI-FINAL) - Highlights- 3 run comeback, Krohn walk off hit, Justman making enemies, Mattheis seed to home to nail runner.

Quote of the day- "Tooties looks like he's going to throw up at anytime, and I know because I've been there more times then I'd like to admit." Willie Mueller commenting on his nephew's appearance

Cramer quote of the day- "I am not doing anything today, I have to work a 10 hour day this week." Brett Cramer looking for sympathy for being an adult 

Final quote- "If I grunt it isn't because I'm trying to hit it out, it is because everything hurts, I'm old." Billy Bynum right before his sac fly.

7/16/16-Everest 2 @ West Bend 7 UP 6- Highlights (POOL PLAY)- Solid team win, Adams pitched well,  Lowlights- First runs in tourney given up, pretty boring game

Quote of the day- "What happens if get tossed" Jed Justman when noticing who the plate umpire is.

Cramer quote of the day- "I'm well rounded, I have strong Black and Hispanic influences in my life."  Brett Cramer as Billy Bynum and Casey Krohn pretend to ignore him 

Final quote- "Didn't realize that the catcher talks so much during a game." Bonnie Justman noticing that Casey Krohn didn't shut up all game, and the backstop was 5 feet behind plate.

7/15/16-Janesville 0 @ West Bend 7 UP 10 (POOL PLAY) - Highlights- James Wright's flo, lots of hits. Lowlights- Billy didn't tag up

Quote of the day- "Anybody need a pool noodle?" Matt Parrent taking BP in the Ninja Mud Run set up in the batting cages 

Cramer quote of the day- "You had to work for those, these are all natural God given." Brett Cramer flexing at Matt Parrent

Final quote- "Let me hit it out so you don't have to run or work up a sweat." Rohls after hitting a deep fly ball that Billy Bynum didn't tag on.

7/13/16-Brownsville 0 @ West Bend 7 UP 10 (POOL PLAY) - Highlights- Winter threw a gem, Winter hit a Grand Slam (first career HR), Krohn stayed hot, 7 UP hit parade in the 4th, 1 hour 4 minute game, somebody doing the scoreboard, Mattheis no rage. Lowlights- Bynum MIA, 90 seconds in between innings, Biermann's new hat, Winter taking 1.3 seconds between pitch, 7 Up schedule on website always wrong lately. 

Quote of the day- "Doin' it for the Tinder Swipes"- James Wright the FOURTH!

Cramer quote of the day- "25 year old women LOVE my tank tops and Parrentish like guns" Brett Cramer

Final quote- "That's about all I got, I maxed out." Rohls after hitting 363 sign in centerfield










Up Next

@ Pewaukee Muskies

Sun, 07/24 at 12:30 PM

Pewaukee - Tom Kopecky Park

Record Pct Home Road Streak L10
18-7 .720 12-3 6-4 Won 9 9-1
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Last 5 (view all)
07/22/2016 vs. Milwaukee Beavers W 3 - 2
07/17/2016 vs. Sparta Miller* W 8 - 4
07/17/2016 vs. Sheboygan A"s * W 7 - 6
07/16/2016 vs. Everest Merchants W 6 - 2
07/15/2016 vs. Janesville Aces W 12 - 0

Poll: Which first half bomb was the most memorable?

Large pablo
  1. Nick Winter first career HR ever (Grand Slam)
  2. Rohlinger bomb up the Lannon hill
  3. Koth blast over the Sussex treeline
  4. Parrent laser to LC at Kuss
  5. Bynum rocket over the flag at Regner
  6. Schubert All-Star HR in first AB
  7. Mattheis leadoff shot at Brookfield
  8. Justman pop-fly/wall scraper at Brookfield
  9. T-Rex oppo 3-run job in the title game of the WABC

Team Leaders - Batting (view all)

Tiny boss
Taylor Koth
AVG N Winter .448
HR T Koth 2
RBI T Koth 23
R B Mantz 19
SB S Mattheis 12
OPS N Winter 1.155

Team Leaders - Pitching (view all)

Tiny adams
Tyler Adams
ERA N Winter 0.00
W T Adams 4
Innings T Adams 61.2
SO T Adams 40
S T Koth 1
WHIP N Winter 1.00