West Bend 7 Up

04/28/2013 - Welcome Back Bones


Welcome Back Bones


By: Steven Ballman


The last time anybody saw Bryant Bullock on the mound nobody knew what would happen in the following days.  Bones, who was suspended through the end of the season in 2012, channeled the anger, frustration, and irritation into an opening day many will never forget.  On a beautiful April afternoon, Bryant Bullock made history, he became just the 4th person in West Bend Company/7 Up history to record a No-Hitter.  What made the day most impressive was the fact that Bones was at 52 pitches through 2 innings.  He managed to record the final 17 batters on just 39 pitches.  Because of the successful day offensively for 7 Up, Bullock had a chance at the No-Hitter due to the after 7 inning mercy rule.  7 Up manager Craig Larsen almost pulled the plug in the 6th, putting in Dylan Hinkley, but Tom Seewald and Mike Mueller talked Larsen out of it.  Bullock rewarded the team with decision to keep him in.


Offensively, 7 Up was led by MVP finalist Billy Bynum, who launched one of the fastest balls to leave the ballpark that many of those in attendance had ever seen.  A 2-0 fastball was launched, and 3 runs were added to the scoreboard.  Bynum ended the day 3-3.  Also adding to the hit parade was Matt Parrent and Josh Krowiorz, who reached base 4 times.  Jed Justman and Bryant Bullock also recorded multiple hits.  Bullock also added 4 RBI's.